Soft Sculpture Doll

I’ve been searching for new directions with my dollmaking in recent years. Trying different materials and techniques, I always find my way back to cloth. Perhaps it dates back to my childhood dollmaking when the only things I could find around the house were Dad’s socks and bits of yarn. I still have my lovely little sock dolls tucked away safe & sound!

For some time I followed the instructions layed out in various dollmaking books … no deviation for fear of failing! (Susanna Oroyan and Patti Medaris Culea are my two FAVs!!!) – so all my dolls had moveable arms/legs, proper hair and safely dressed.

I finally have the nerve to explore a fixed point in time, confident enough to tell a story in just that moment – frozen. I desire a change from “doll” to  “soft sculpture” …. admiring always the beautiful sculpted works surrounding me. I have tried using clay but can not find my voice there …. perhaps a whisper but not strong enough to be heard … not like with cloth.

So here is my latest work in progress …. she is a step away from the pattern (one of PMCs) and a step closer to my own voice. I tried to capture stages …





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katrina Stonoff
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 08:35:45

    Oh, my! This is LOVELY! Not a doll at all, but art.


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