My latest fascination has been with ribbon folding – inspired by kanzashi methods. This weekend is my first studio tour for ARTrails in two years — so I am busy finishing up details on these flower bases I’ve created with different ribbons.

My gallery piece this year is a bridal headpiece called “Blossom”. With my background in ballet costuming, bead weaving and mixed media – I have elements of lace, ribbon, crystals, beads and tulle to create this unique headpiece. It’s base color is white with accents of gold and pink.




Here are the creations I’ve made this past year:


Freeform crochet with brass leaves.


The necklace hooks in front



Features shell, drops and 2x2 chain mail links


Choker length with some room to adjust



Three crocheted strands of mixed glass beads


Twists and seed beads add interest



Freeform crochet with mixed glass beads


Crocheted with fire-polished beads



Three crocheted strands with mixed glass beads



Beadweaving with seed beads and twisted bugles


Three variations of chandeliers with seed beads, twisted bugles and crystal



Overall view of earrings


Another overall view



Left: Shell with Sterling Silver Chain, Middle: Handworked metal, Brick Stitch, Right: Bugles, Seed Beads, Crystal in Brick Stitch


Left: Twisted bugles, seed beads, cystal, Middle: Glass beads, silver chain, drops, Right: Copper handworked, Sterling chain, Twisted Bugles, Glass



Middle: Green crystal, Red coral with Silverplate Findings, Right: Handworked silver with gemstone


Two different lengths. Seed beads, Twisted Bugles and Delicas



Showcasing the flexible nature of this bracelet


This is the night goddess rising from the ocean, her face is the moon with phases on each side. The main body is bead embroidery with seed beads, delicas, bugles, sequins, metallic floss. The fringe contains twisted bugles and turquoise chips.

The Mermaid’s Bodice

Initially I started out with the intention of directly beading onto the cloth body. After trying to poke my needle through the painted fabric, I changed my mind (and possibly saved my fingertips!!) I just hate how sweaty my fingertips get when I use a thimble soooooo ….. 

So then I had to find something that blended in with her “skin” and was beading friendly! I love the idea of lace but I needed something more substantial to bead on. My favorite to bead on is felt. I love felt because it doesn’t fray and has a little grip to it when I use the tiny beads. 

In going with the mermaid theme I really wanted something “scaly” … sequins came to mind and I was off to get my bodice done! It turned out just the way I envisioned it in my mind (which is not always the case) and now she sits happily waiting for her arms! 

Mermaid’s Tail

Ok, so my original plan was to work on the bodice …. ended up working on the tail instead! I found a fun little stitch that twists which works perfectly for my tail. It is attached to a peyote band of delicas. Well, here are some closeups of the beading …. 

Beaded Doll Project – Lady of the Water

My current project is a beaded cloth doll inspired by a rock star in the doll world (along with some rockettes): Patti Culea, Anne Hesse and Laura McCabe. Her most recent book out is “Creative Cloth Doll Beading” and this doll is based off the mermaid pattern. Several things are happening with my Lady. She is a cloth doll with several layers of paint on her torso and head (and arms which are not in the photos). I have one more layer of paint to apply that has a pearlescent color to it.

Originally I had all the pieces in the “proper” places but strayed from there …. I moved fins to her head – I wanted a more sculpted look to her hair and I lengthened her tail for more flexibility in movement. I am currently beading her torso and finishing up her scales. These photos are my “work in progress” on her creation. Thanks to Anne for the email this morning and motivating me to get these photos in place! 😉

Metal Beaded Pendant

One of my most recent projects involves chipboard, scrapbook metal paper and beads! I layered my chipboard shapes and covered them with glue and metal scrapbooking paper. I used a stylus to mold the metal around the shapes and folded the edges to the back. From that point, I glued a faux leather on the back to cover the metal edges. At this point I am working on the edging with beads. I think this piece is going to become a necklace with some fringe hanging down. I have two other pieces to play with once it is complete. 

Wire Crochet Necklace

Here is one of my finished projects! This necklace is created using wire, a crochet hook and beads. Although it may look challenging, it is surprisingly easy! One of my favorite magazines, Bead & Button, had an article in June 2008 for this necklace!!! The designer for this particular piece is Brenda MacLellan. To check out how to do this for yourself, go to or pick up their June 2008 issue – pp 59-60! It’s so much fun!!!

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