ARTrails Open Studio Tour

So it begins this weekend!! Actually, the big kickoff  is this Friday at the Centralia Train Depot! The gala is from 4 – 8pm and each artist has one piece showing. As always, I get nervous thinking about all the people I don’t know coming through and then – as always- I enjoy myself talking with old friends and making a few new ones!

My piece this year is titled “La Fumée” or ‘smoke’ in English … she is a dancer that is balanced on a candlestick – I wanted her to look suspended in air – caught in a movement – with her swirling black sheer dress. She is all cloth, hand painted and has vintage beads for hair, a chain maille coverlet and black slippers. I will post pics on Friday since I forgot to get some before I dropped her off at the depot Weds! This art doll is part of a series I plan to do on ‘movement’ in cloth.

Interested in attending the tour? Check out our website for more information:

Remember to stop by and visit me at Stillwater Estates – I will have some dolls in various stages of creation to share with you! -Melinda






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