New adventures in sewing!

Wow, time flies by!! This last year was filled with tons of growth, transitions, and opportunities!! So now that the dust is settling I am happy to announce some exciting news — I’m going to be teaching sewing at a beautiful new (old) facility in my hometown! I will have to share over time how this wonderful series of events culminated into me becoming an instructor 🙂

The newly formed School of the Arts in downtown Centralia, WA is scheduled to open classes end of this month!! Check it out here: SOTA campus.  I have formed a wonderful partnership with another local talented lady and together we plan to share the amazingness that is sewing to all ages from 7 to adult. We are part of an amazing staff of creatives that hope to share the beauty of the arts with our community!

This is an opportunity I never had in my childhood and I’m thrilled my kids get to experience this wonderful place! Their ballet school also moved into the facility and is the resident dance school for SOTA! Check it out here: Centralia Ballet Academy.  The transformation inside the building has been fun to follow!

I am looking forward to the grand opening and hearing the hallways, classrooms, studios and theater filled with the sounds of learning … about the arts! Come visit and see for yourself! Don’t forget to say hi!! -Melinda

The beginning of Studio A

The beginning of Studio A

The beginnings of Studio B

The beginnings of Studio B

Before painting this summer!

Before painting this summer!


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