South Wind Silk test piece

Hello! Back again after a fun weekend of ballet auditions! Congrats to all the talented young dancers that made Ballet Northwest’s company!! (Stephanie, Erin, Jacob, Elina) It was Elina’s first audition and she really enjoyed the entire process! Now the agonizing wait until Friday for roles!!

So part of my weekend included working a test piece of silk for my South Wind girls’ skirt. The skirt needs to be soft and flowy with a nice drape to it and Nancy wanted an ombre effect going from pink to gray. A wonderful silk painter (and acting coach), Stacy Ridgley, helped me get started!! Thank you Stacy!!

I worked with a silk double chiffon and Setasilk in Ebony and Raspberry. Steps to follow:

  • wet the silk and place in area for painting
  • shake the paint!!
  • apply either as drops directly from bottle or use a paintbrush
    • so my first attempt was directly from bottle: it was too intense for my skirt
    • second attempt: I used a paintbrush and had a little more control. I also added water to spots of color and it really helped “push” the blending down into the white areas.
  • for the paint to bleed into areas, have project angled slightly
  • to achieve concentrated areas of color, slightly scrunch silk in random places
  • let dry
  • set with hot iron for 5 minutes (cotton setting) *Stacy recommends a dedicated iron for this process so the paint doesn’t transfer to regular ironing!
  • wait 48 hours before washing and ironing out

I’m really happy with how the test piece turned out! Can’t wait to get the skirt finished!!

Silk Paint Prepping silk First color added Second color Finished piece

My sewing assistant keeping my scraps warm!

My sewing assistant keeping my scraps warm!


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