New work

I am working on a new piece that could be for ARTrails. Usually I work up to a certain point …. wait …. move a few things around …. wait …. and then make a final decision. An artist friend of mine showed me some of her 3d work – coming out of a frame! It was cool b/c it can hang on the wall … which is not the case with 3d work most of the time. Especially with dolls – they tend not to look good ‘hanging’ off the wall (unless they are flat). So – with her encouragement – thanks Joan! – I picked up a shadowbox and scaled a doll to fit within …. I have two more boxes to play with and can’t wait to get started! I haven’t been too inspired lately and this was just what I needed!

In the past year I have been playing with painting directly on cloth with acrylics – I liked the outcome but it was a rough surface – making it difficult to work with pencils for the faces. I’ve also been experimenting with paperclay – even that is toothy after sanding.  So I finally picked up some gesso …. yep! it’s wonderful on cloth!!! This little lady I’m working on right now is my first attempt on cloth with just the gesso as a primer! Two coats with a sanding in between …. smooth baby!! My pencils flowed and my acrylic paints worked beautifully! She feels so soft even with all the paint on her!

So now I’m working details .. maybe some additional washes of color and shadowing. Still need to finish her boots. Lots to do! The shadowbox is her hangout and I’m working on her ‘story’ to go with the wings! I’ll try to remember and post soon 😉 


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