Gluten free breads, pancakes, pizza crust …..

Ok, so I am doing my research … why not start with a company I’m already familiar with — Bob’s Red Mill. I’ve only just scratched the surface of the site! I’ve used Bob’s black beans, red lentils, quinoa, gf flour and a couple other things – all very good! And yes – there is a pancake mix!!! 😉

Here is a link to the site: Bob’s Red Mill

I’m going to try the pancakes as soon as I get some mix! I will be using amber agave for syrup! In the meantime – I’m going to create my wishlist on Bob’s site! There are cookbooks, groups of mixes, …. I’d love to try it all!!! Shop-n-Kart carries the Bob’s Red Mill brand so I will begin there! During my detox I was so focused on specific things I didn’t look at the HUGE selection right under my nose! Love that I can shop local!!



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