Day 28 Whole Living Detox 2012

… and so the journey ends! At least this one. Today was my last day of the detox and I am so happy I have done it! I feel renewed. I am ready to conquer the world … ok, maybe that was just the gladiator costume at the playhouse inspiring me …. but really – I am a new person! I am more calm, happier and focused again! Can’t say enough good things about this 28 day detox!

No, I did not like all the recipes and will not revisit a few – but overall – loved the food, loved the new ways of cooking (for me) and the wonderful new habits I have developed! There were definitely days I was not inspired and not feeling like prepping and cooking my food …. but they were few and far between! This whole experience also helped me reorganize the kitchen. I still have a ways to go … not enough counter space due to all the fruits and veggies I don’t put in the fridge – but I will be working on finding storage solutions. I even have three little pots ready to use for some fresh chives, parsley and basil!!!!

I’ve decided I am tired of white dishes … so when I am able to afford it – I’d like to get some colorful fun dishes to further enhance my eating experience!! So what to write about now? …. I’d like to continue to post new recipes and share what I learn about eating with whole foods! I think I’m ready to start an exercise routine (*gasp – I know … me — exercising…. but if I can give up coffee … ANYTHING is possible!)

Wow! I did it!!!


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