Day 27 Whole Living Detox 2012

Only one more “official” day of this detox! Wow! Just in case someone is thinking I am now a pro in the kitchen – let me tell you a little story from this afternoon’s prep for lunch! My quinoa was cooking and I had all my veggies prepped and ready, eggs waiting in the bowl … just needed to saute a bit of garlic in some olive oil! No problem – olive oil and pressed garlic in the pan – heat on …. wait – I think maybe I’d like some more garlic! After all, I am making this for three of us and the recipe only serves 2. So I fumble around a bit and get some more cloves of garlic ready to press …. into the pan! Lookin’ good! The spinach is next … it goes directly in the pan and then a lid on to “steam” the leaves. But wait! My spinach needs to be “rinsed spinach” and mine was dry …. better rinse it …. Ok – rinsed and tossed it into the pan – almost – WTH?!? ….what happened to my beautiful sauteed garlic? Someone or something must have thrown some blackened tar in the pan …. Yep – I burned the garlic – beyond even “Cajun Style” …. burnt baby!!! It had become another substance entirely!!!! Aaaaah, so I turned on the hot water in the sink, set down my dripping wet spinach and the heat on the stove – scraped out the black garlic – and started over!!! Just goes to show you that once that silly olive oil heats up – only takes a few seconds to go from beautiful to burnt! It all ended well – I mean – I didn’t burn down the house or try and feed my children “cajun crispy” garlic! Note to myself: sloooooow down a bit!

A friend of mine tells me there is a cookbook available with tons of very similar cooking in it! I will share that or maybe she will see this and share 😉 I can’t remember the name of it! I’m very interested in looking at what’s in it!


Great day today! We got to enjoy some puppets at Centralia Ballet Academy this morning and then help out with the Carnival of Animals Ballet night! Lots of fun pictures to edit and the kids were excited to eat some pizza! 😉 I had some strawberries and then made myself a spicy black bean salad for dinner! Feeling good and ready to venture out on my own now! I will try to remember to cook at a lower heat with my garlic and not get in a hurry! (That’s usually when I mess something up) …. so, until tomorrow- good night!


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