Day 26 Whole Living Detox 2012

This whole day was a blur! We had avocado smoothies this morning before my stamp club meeting. I picked up some almond/coconut milk blend at the grocery store and added that …. really yummy! My smoothie lasted me until we got home – then I had leftover rice noodles with broccoli pesto! We jetted out once again to rehearsal and just got home! So we were gone from 3pm until 8:30pm. I was starting to get a bit hungry but not ravenous! Thank goodness for leftovers! I had the last of my scrambled tofu. In case anyone is wondering if my poor children ate anything today …. they were treated to lunch with their nana today (Thanks Mom!!) and had some snacks at Santa Lucia’s 6th Anniversary party!  (Happy Anniversary!!)

I am tired … it has been a long day … but it’s a good tired! It’s the kind of tired where I can go to bed and actually fall asleep and stay asleep! I had so much trouble falling asleep before this all began and waking up totally unrested – such a difference now!

Looks like tomorrow I will need to put together some more meals to get me through the day! No worries! I have beans cooked and ready to go! My veggies are organized … my kitchen – *uhm* relatively clean (if you ignore the costume stuff all over the kitchen table) and a whole host of recipes to choose from!

Until tomorrow – good night!


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