Day 25 Whole Living Detox 2012

The end is near … or is it the beginning? So hard to believe it’s been 25 days! I didn’t suffer at all like I thought I would! … and I am feeling better than ever! Today in the grocery store both Jacob and Elina were looking at the ingredients on everything around them – “Mom – guess how much sugar is in THIS .. and THIS … !!” – through the entire store! Some of the things surprised them — that there would be sugar in it! I hope they can take this healthy outlook with them in life! Actually they both have always been good about exploring and eating a variety of foods!

So we had scrambled tofu for breakfast – I didn’t have any collards or spinach so I substituted red kale instead! Tasted great! We had lunch after our trip to the store – rice noodles with almonds, broccoli, etc. I must say – when I drop the broccoli florets into the boiling water – I LOVE the bright green color they turn!!! I have never really cared for broccoli before this detox … and now … will definitely be eating more of it! We also had a banana/strawberry/peach smoothie this morning before breakfast! Quick, easy and delicious!

I’m finding that I now crave some of these foods when I get hungry! I love the smell of the fresh fruit and veggies when I’m prepping a meal! It’s all so fragrant and just puts me in a good mood! I feel satisfied after eating! Tomorrow I think I will be making the quinoa/poached egg dish again … now that we have more spinach! That was really good the other day!!

Well, time for some herbal tea and bedtime! Until tomorrow – good night!


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