Day 24 Whole Living Detox 2012

I’m craving pancakes … weird! I picked up some dark Agave that is suppose to replace syrup …. but I don’t know if I have gluten free flour in my cupboard – need to look! I know I  bought some awhile ago but can’t remember if I used it all up!

Ended up having a baked sweet potato again for breakfast! Soooo yummy! Finally tried the poached egg with quinoa and carrots/cucumber …. very, very tasty! I didn’t do too bad for my first poached eggs …. Jacob wanted his yoke to be a little more runny but other than that … great! They sure look weird when cooking in the water! I added just a tiny bit of white wine vinegar to the water and that seemed to help the whites firm up! (Thanks for that tip from my SIL – Solveig!)

Dinner ended up being a mixed salad of sorts – black beans, quinoa, leftover onion/cilantro with vinaigrette on top of spinach and arugula leaves – then a sprinkle of sunflowers seeds and drizzling of tahini salad dressing! It was wonderful and totally made up out of my head!!! Yay! What I’m really happy about is that I made the salad dressing myself and the vinaigrette – so I know exactly what is in each thing! Such a great feeling!

Thanks to my MIL and her donation of a spice shelf – my spices are all organized like a little choir in the pantry! So nice to be able to see them all at once without moving things around! I found some great glass containers with lids at the Grocery Outlet that are perfect for leftovers and storage in the fridge – they are clear and stack neatly. I might have to go get some more!!!

I am discovering that in revisiting these recipes now – it’s not taking as long to make my meals – I’ve learned what is what and have the stuff prepped or ‘cooking’ while getting the rest put together. It really isn’t taking that much longer than cooking an “instant” meal. I haven’t even gone shopping for week 4 ingredients …. I had most of the stuff already from previous weeks. And now that I have the spices and vinegars … don’t have to buy those for awhile! So at first it seemed a bit expensive but each time I use each item … it becomes totally worth it. Especially creating the dressings and vinaigrettes – I like that I can change them up if I feel like it rather than being stuck with an entire bottle of something forever!

Overall a good day! Time to relax and head for bed! Until tomorrow – good night!


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