Day 23 Whole Living Detox 2012

Things are going great with my detox bonus week! I’ve been revisiting recipes from the first three weeks. So far today the kids and I have had oats with fresh fruit in almond milk, avocado smoothies, and we just finished a late lunch of grilled salmon with bok choy and avocado salsa. I can’t get over how quick and easy it is to cook the salmon this way! Four minutes on each side with some salt and pepper, drizzled with olive oil. Maybe it’s because it’s on a hot grill! So good! I have more black beans soaking for tomorrow and some dates to stuff with pistachio paste and coconut!

I did notice a slight change from Sunday to today – I had to think what would have upset my system – it was eggs! That’s the only new thing I’ve added … interesting … I always thought my body liked eggs! Maybe not!

Well, we are off and running once again! Puppet club was fun today – Jacob and Elina both got in front of the camera with some puppets! Very cool things coming in the near future!! Ballet tonight for them and rehearsal for me!


After a very long, busy day – I’m tired! My late lunch stuck with me … so no late dinner for me! (The kids were treated to some dinner from their bestemor!) I’m drinking some herbal tea and headed to bed! My throat is a bit sore so I’m hoping the licorice in my tea will help! Now is not the time for a sore throat!

I find myself planning my meals in my head now all throughout the day! I try to “listen” to my body and what I’m craving (within the scope of the last three weeks). I think my next challenge will be breads and desserts! I made it this far … I can do it! There must be tons of great recipes out there …. as I find them I will post them here to share! Only a few days left of this detox! Woo Hoo!!!

Until tomorrow – good night!


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