Day 21 Whole Living Detox 2012

Last day of my week 3 …. last day! Wow – I did it!!! Now on to the bonus week 4. I still have some ingredients leftover from week 3 so I think I will go shopping later this week – I’d like to use up the rest of week 3 first!

We went over to my mom & dad’s place for dinner tonight! Since I am determined to remain true to this detox – I brought my own dinner and snack – so while everyone else piled their plates high with buttered mash potatoes, pulled pork, pea salad and chocolate mousse pie afterwards – I had stuffed dates and rice noodle pasta! I was asked how I’m feeling on this detox again and as I was explaining how great I feel – how light inside and pain free – and not heavy, weighted down with rocks in my system – my sister groaned and said that was how she was feeling just then!

Will I go back to what I was eating before? NO! I don’t even know if I’m going to drink coffee again (*gasps from the audience in my head) – certainly not like I was before! I just feel too good to want to go back to my previous habits. Oh and I weighed myself today – I lost 10 lbs!! Guess I didn’t need them … lol!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Until tomorrow – good night!


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