Day 20 Whole Living Detox 2012

Wow! Day 20 already!! Week 3 was a blur! I had a few mishaps but nothing major and I’m getting more comfortable with creating meals from scratch! We have all decided we LOVE rice noodles! The Rice Noodle with Pesto recipe is the creamiest pasta ever! How come I’ve never heard of rice noodles before? Geesh …  I’m going to have to research some good alternatives for bread … I’m thinking I might be able to use Quineoa ….

I had a quick bowl of oats this morning with fresh strawberries and blueberries – all in unsweetened coconut milk! It lasted me all morning – we got home around noon! I decided to make fish with baked sweet potato fries (these turn out really sweet – almost caramelized) and golden potato fries. I cooked Whiting fish this time …. *bleck* …. I overcooked it and it was bland …. I’m a salmon girl all the way!!!! So I was a teensy bit grumped out b/c my lunch basically sucked …. well – the fries turned out yummy! (I did eat all my fish though)

So I’m not sure what I want to make for dinner – I’ll let you know later 😉


Well dinner ended up being veggie burgers – I had leftover rice, black and white beans – mashed them together and added salt/pepper/cilantro and egg – grilled with olive oil! So yummy!! I’m gonna have to find some gluten free buns for these in the future!! All in all a good day! Can’t believe tomorrow is my last day of week 3! Now on to the bonus week!!!

Off to clean up  … the kids have taken over the kitchen with their egg dying madness! Tomorrow will definitely have eggs on the menu 😉

Until then – good night!


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