Day 19 Whole Living Detox

Good day today! Had some scrambled tofu for breakfast and we picked up some fresh basil to make more Rice Noodles with Broccoli Pesto for a late lunch/dinner. Jacob wanted to try an Orange/Berry Smoothie as a snack – turned out pretty good but not creamy like the Avocado Smoothie. Even though this detox has been mainly for myself – the kids and Jon have been able to enjoy most of the meals with me. Granted they are allowed ‘extra’ stuff if they want … but I have found that the meals have been satisfying for all!

Today in the produce section I had the kids split up and get stuff on their own – Jacob picked out the oranges and blueberries, Elina picked out dates and strawberries and … we explored a bit … we picked up some blood oranges and looked at some really prickly fruit – not gonna go there anytime soon! I’m sure it’s delicious but maybe another day!  It makes me happy to see my kids so engaged in good nutrition and curious enough to want to try new things! This detox has been a great learning tool!

So tomorrow brings me a day closer to week 4! I haven’t looked yet at what’s on the menu but it’s going to be good I’m sure! So three weeks and going strong! So glad I did this! Until tomorrow – good night!


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