Day 18 Whole Living Detox 2012

I woke up this morning in a much better mood …. I think Jon having dinner ready for me last night really perked me up 😉 So I had some more oats (uncooked … and waaaaay better) this morning with some sliced banana, leftover pistachio crumbles and toasted coconut with some unsweetened almond milk! Although it’s not super sweet like it would have been in my past with brown sugar sprinkled on top …. I really liked it! I think fresh berries would be delish too! (I don’t really care for the frozen berries … just not enough flavor).

So for lunch – I finally made the Rice noodles with Broccoli/Almond Pesto. Wow! Talk about a really flavorful dish! The kids and I loved it!!! The recipe called for the cooked broccoli, toasted almonds, minced garlic and lemon juice to be pureed. I thought I could accomplish that in my blender … I mean – it does have a puree button! *Nope* … didn’t do a thing – NOT a thing – sooooooo I scooped it all out and blended it in smaller portions in my mini-processor – took a little longer but I got the job done! The directions are a bit unclear about what all is suppose to be pureed – so I just put it all in and added the olive oil it called for …. worked for me!

This dish is …. amazing. (at least in my book)

I’m finding myself being a little more creative this week and not following word-for-word the recipes … I’m still staying within the parameters of the ingredients for the week – just not necessarily in the right order! 😉 And this week is almost finished!! I have one ‘bonus’ week left and from then on – it’s whatever I choose to do!


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