Day 17 Whole Living Detox 2012

This morning I am not feeling very motivated. I was thinking about how I felt the first week on this detox and how much different I feel now. For instance, the first week – after the headache went away I felt sorta like when I have an updated prescription for my glasses …. I can see clear but feel a bit disoriented as my vision adjusts … or how I feel when I’ve had a fan blowing for hours in the background – and don’t notice how loud it really was until it’s turned off … and then – awww – blessed silence! That first week was a fan blowing on full blast and now – blessed silence. I have adjusted and no longer feel disoriented. It’s a nice feeling!

We ended up with avocado smoothies this morning because we jetted out to see Lance Woolen – a professional puppeteer – speak at the college! Fantastic presentation and the kids and I totally enjoyed looking at his props/puppets up close (some of them were from Coraline) When we got home I made the salmon – so almost had salmon for breakfast! I made sweet potato fries to go with it … pretty good but a bit sweet for fries…. now I’m hanging out until rehearsal.

I’m thinking a nice soup will work for dinner tonight so everyone can eat before I get home! (and hopefully leave me some leftovers!)

Back to how I’m feeling different – as I was driving home I thought about how ‘light’ my body feels on the inside. Instead of feeling bloated and weighted down with ‘rocks’ in my stomach and digestive tract – I just feel light – I can move better – it’s difficult to explain. It’s such a good feeling!


Came home tonight to find Jon had made the dinner off of my week 3 planning sheet! What a lovely surprise! (I guess he’s a keeper!! lol) They even saved me some! It was the mushrooms with rice … very good!! I didn’t get enough mushrooms … it called for 4 cups and I only had 2 cups …. maybe I should take a measuring cup with me when I go shopping b/c I can NEVER tell with things like that! Well, not much more to report … so until tomorrow – good night!


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