Day 16 Whole Living Detox 2012

Day 16 finds me a bit sleepy with a grumbling stomach! I’m skipping the oatmeal today and having scrambled tofu instead …. something about the oatmeal didn’t work for me yesterday. It’s nice to be able to identify and eliminate these problem foods now …. before I’d be clueless since so much of my diet wasn’t working! I have been taking notes and am keeping all the recipes I’ve used during this detox …. it will all end up in a binder for future use!

So remember my bean experience? Well I decided it would be fun to repeat the experience – just in case I missed something the first round about preplanning! Only not with dry beans this time – RICE, brown rice – not instant …. takes 35-45 minutes for the rice to cook! So I am waiting patiently for brown rice to cook ….. a big pot of them so I don’t have to wait tomorrow! I thought I was doing good last night ‘cuz I soaked my white beans and cooked them this morning for dinner later …. then I went to make my lunch …. which requires brown rice ….

I caved and tried the oatmeal again this morning …. but didn’t cook them. When I looked at a close up of the recipe – the image looked like uncooked oats …. so I tried them – only 2 tbls – so far so good …. and they tasted WAAAYYY better than all mushy from cooking! (I never really cared for hot oatmeal … never liked the slimy, mushy texture) This could be an exciting breakthrough for me! lol

So once my rice is done, I’m going to have a chickpea veggie burger …. I had to laugh when the recipe calls for the “burger” to be sandwiched between lettuce leaves … not my idea of a burger but I’ll go with it for now …..


The burger turned out great! I had some trouble keeping the darn thing from falling apart when I flipped it – I blame part of it on my fear of hot oil landing on me! But the final result was a really nutty, pleasing meal! It was a bit ridiculous on the lettuce leaves though … I ended up eating it like a salad … I suppose if you HAVE to use the lettuce “buns”, make sure the patty has cooled off first!

So I was gone all evening at rehearsal and came home to starving family members! Well, we ended making more of those burgers (yes, Jon actually ate something without meat!! *insert choir of angels singing here*) with a side of avocado salad from week 1. One little note: I didn’t have enough chickpeas for the recipe so I supplemented white navy beans …. yummy! Tomorrow I think I will try salmon for breakfast! Yah, I’m just crazy like that! …. lol. If I can eat soup for breakfast – I can eat salmon!

Until tomorrow – good night!


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