Day 15 Whole Living Detox 2012

So here I am in week 3! Wow …. that went fast and wasn’t even close to what I thought I’d experience. I thought I would be ravenous hungry and super grumpy, eating flavorless foods and basically torturing myself for 28 days! I didnt’ think I would find most of the ingredients on the lists and if found – would screw up the recipe somehow. Even with all those nasty doubts (we all have that ‘little voice’ in our ear -or- or ‘little devil’ on our shoulder) I forged ahead – determined to make this work! I am happy to say I have SILENCED that inner critic and will never doubt again!

Sure I was grumpy in the first week – but my head did hurt a bit and I was very tired – for maybe 3 days! That’s really nothing in comparison to a lifetime of feeling better and eating healthy! I’m sure I will have days of grumpiness and fatigue in my future … I mean – come on – that’s just life!

The program, 60 minutes, just did a segment on how toxic sugar is in our diets! Very timely for me and based on what the research is showing …. I’m definitely going to eliminate sugar (in it’s varying forms) from my diet – mainly through not eating processed foods, not consuming sugary drinks, etc …. and I am looking at alternatives -naturally- for my sweet snacks & desserts!

I’m going to try an Avocado/Vanilla smoothie this morning! I love avocados so hoping this is good! (at least there’s no coarse salt) … lol


The avocado smoothie is soooooo, sooooo delicious! Granted my first attempt is a bit too sweet – not familiar with the Agave nectar- but it was so good! It surprised me how filling and yummy it was! Avocados ROCK! Then I tried the oatmeal …. let’s just say … uhm, I am SO glad I was home today … lol. ‘nuf said – yikes! (There was even a warning going into week 3 on the site – now I understand)

I am so glad I decided to start this detox when I did b/c I don’t know if I would have been energetic enough for the production I’m currently rehearsing for! I haven’t had so much consistent energy for a very long time! People keep asking me how I’m feeling … I’m feeling fantastic!!!!

I’m also tracking how different foods react with my system – up until this point with the oatmeal – I have had no bad reactions. So I’m wondering if I just can’t tolerate oats? (it is gluten free but I’m still so new at this stuff – could be something else my body doesn’t like … or I need to just try something different) This has been an education no doubt about it!

Well, it’s time for relaxing and bedtime! Until tomorrow – good night!


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