Day 14 Whole Living Detox 2012

So today was my shopping day for week 3!!! ….woot! woot! Even though I’m kinda lost going in looking for these things I’ve never tried …. I enjoy the discovery of the items. Some of it I was sure I wouldn’t find anywhere around here … let me tell you – Shop n Kart has EVERYTHING!! (I still prefer the new Veggie Mart for produce …. best prices all around!)  I couldn’t find pear nectar so I opted for agave. It’s suppose to replace sugar as a sweetener! All of my stuff for the upcoming week is still gluten-free, sugar free ….  such as rolled oats …. finally found them in the gluten-free aisle …lol. How did I not see that before?

I have been craving something with more kick to it in the morning and since I’m still not drinking coffee – I have been exploring different tea! So today I picked up some decaf spicy chai and decaf coconut chai! I’m sipping some spicy chai right now and it’s wonderful! Just what I needed to get me over this ‘slump’ with hot beverages! Let’s see, what else did I find today? Oh, I picked up something called Amaranth …. a gluten free “grain from antiquity” – rediscovered from South America. I’m excited to try it out!

This exploration into new flavors and ways of eating has brought food and the whole process of eating back to life for me! I’m really enjoying my meals (mostly – *shudder* at little fishies). I’m not a huge exercise fan …. yet I have slimmed down a bit! I was walking through the store today constantly pulling up my jeans! So tomorrow begins a whole new experience!!! I say ‘Bring it!!’


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