Day 13 Whole Living Detox 2012

I find myself at home alone this morning! Dad and kids are out and about for a bit. Elina asked for scrambled tofu this morning …. but we don’t have any tofu … so she says they will pick some up (along with some dates) and needed to know where they were in the store! She is totally into the healthy eating!! On the flip side – she’s not a juicer – but Jacob is! He always has a glass of whatever I juice – always! So either way – I’m helping them develop healthy habits! Now to find a better way of getting all this goodness to Jon when he’s out all day working.

I’m roasting my last sweet potato for breakfast and while I am waiting …. I juiced a cucumber, carrot and 1/2 apple – easy! Jacob really loves the sweet potato – it’s so sweet with only almonds, nutmeg & cinnamon (no butter!) – then all covered in fresh squeezed orange!

So today is the day I cook the Salmon! I’ll post back on how it turns out – I’m also thinking about the spicy black bean salad. It calls for a sliced jalapeno – which no one else cares for but me! So it’s going to be my lunch and the rest of gang are on their own today! I’m such a meanie!! Hard to believe I’m already looking at Week 3 …. tomorrow is shopping day!

Speaking of shopping – Costco has a Vitamix blender I would love to have! (Vitamix Blender) It’s pretty expensive at $500 though …. but still, if I could afford it – it really would pay over time – it comes with 2 blenders – one wet/one dry – so you can make your own flours!!!! (gluten free)…. I don’t know if anyone else has checked prices on things like that … but for me – the gluten-free, good for you, high quality flours, etc are expensive! Even the hummus and dips, etc … all pricey. So I could be making these things myself and save money – right? 😉

Well, maybe someday …. but until then I won’t be deterred – I’ll figure out ways to maintain this new way of eating! Hey, I got the dried beans figured out! lol ….


My family is back! Elina brought me dates and tofu! She’s ready for scrambled tofu!! lol  I just finished my Spicy Black Bean salad … I’m so glad I tried it because it’s really good – the hotness of the pepper is nice with this otherwise sweet salad. I cringed at first when the recipe called for one lime’s juice … in the vinaigrette – but it’s perfect! Very good salad and now I’m satisfied for the rest of the day … just one thing left for tonight – SALMON! (man I hope after all this hype over the salmon it’s beyond fantastic) ….


Ok – the salmon was delicious! Never had Bok Choy before – it’s really good – and the side of avocado salsa was a great compliment to the salmon! Everyone cleaned off their plates so another fab dish down and …. tomorrow is the last day of my week 2!!!! Wow – that went fast! So surprised how easy it was to cook the salmon! I used my grill (usually reserved for pancakes) and simply sprinkled salt and pepper, a drizzling of olive oil – 4 minutes on each side on medium high …. wonderfully easy and tasty!

Off I go …. good night!


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