Day 11 Whole Living Detox 2012

Today has been kind of a blur ….

I finally got to try the Tofu for breakfast (Scrambled Tofu with Collards and Turmeric). Funny how the tofu looked just like scrambled eggs – the turmeric turned everything yellow! I wasn’t sure if I would like collard greens but they are pretty good. They smell funky though! Just goes to show you – sometimes you have to just try something even if it seems odd! The kids ate some as well …. and surprise! surprise! Elina loved it – little miss ‘I don’t want to try anything new and different’ – looved it! My adventurous spirit – Jacob – was the resistant one …. he had it in his mind that the tofu would taste like Soy Milk (which I haven’t drank in years!) …. then, after a bite, he couldn’t admit that it tasted good ….. soooooo, I had to ‘play it off’ just so he could “like” it on his own terms! Bottom line …. it was good!

Lunch was leftover soup from yesterday. I made so much and I refuse to waste any of this food!!!! It’s good, very good – after a night of melding flavors together! Just like any good soup! I ran out of dates …. and just about killed my little food processor today trying to make pistachio paste. Eventually I will have to get a big kid food processor!!! Now we are off to ballet and rehearsal – at least I have leftovers from my dinner last night waiting for me when I get home!

Now if the rain would lighten up – it’d be a perfect day!


Thank goodness I had my leftovers! I was pretty hungry when I got home tonight …. and getting grumpy! Who doesn’t get grumpy when they are hungry? I sprinkled some hemp seeds on top of it and life is good again! Can’t believe this week is almost done … seems like I spent much of my time in my kitchen! But it has been enjoyable to learn all these new recipes and new ways to eat … and new ways to cook!  Until tomorrow – good night!


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