Day 9 Detox Whole Living 2012

Ok so it is day 9 in week 2 of my detox diet. I was ready this morning to make soup. I reeeeeaaaallllly need to carefully read my recipes! The chickpeas, although thoroughly soaked, needed to cook for an hour.  So my dear sweet chickpeas cooked while I got the rest of the ingredients ready. (a little side note: you can buy canned beans and drain/rinse them – probably MUCH faster) This was a lovely light yet filling soup! I was excited to try miso, or soy paste, for the first time. The broth was really tasty! I’m thinking it rivals chicken broth! My kids even enjoyed this one …. So that’s saying something!

I woke up tired but now have some energy … Could have been from the cupboard and fridge purge from yesterday plus rehearsal last night. Still no coffee! I was craving something to drink with a kick to it, funny how hot water just doesn’t do it, so I brewed some licorice spice herbal tea. Perfect! Never thought I would enjoy tea but, (in a slight whisper) I am.

Now that I have pistachios I was able to make stuffed dates. Omigosh!!!!!! I’m loving them …. And the kids love them! They are beyond delicious and super easy to make! Yum! They are the perfect balance between  sweet and salty with the lovely crunch of toasted coconut. Yep, I am in bliss …


Yikes – didn’t have time to make a different lunch or dinner so I pretty much ate my breakfast soup and stuffed dates all day! The soup was great even hours later! So tomorrow I’m going to strive to make at least two different things on the week 2 menu. Time to start soaking some more beans! … which reminds me – I need to thaw out some salmon! Not much more to report today – feeling good and satisfied – what more could one ask for? Until tomorrow – good night!


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