Day 8 and Week 2 Whole Living Detox 2012

So I started my week 2 kinda slow …. note to myself: when you purchase dry beans – remember they have to be pre-soaked!!!! for -uhm- say 8-10 HOURS!!! *sigh* So much for my breakfast soup this morning with the chickpeas I had picked up (they were dried). Not to be deterred by that, I decided to have the sweet potato breakfast – no problem – just roast the sweet potato – for AN HOUR!!!! Yep, I definitely didn’t plan well for this day … lol. So to tide me over until my potato was done I had a green juice I hadn’t tried yet – calls for broccoli (weird), cucumber, celery and parsley. It was bright green and tasted like – nothing – like water. It was filling but not very satisfying. Well, eventually my sweet potato finished and it was delish!!!! “Baked Sweet Potato with Citrus”.

I’ve decided I really need to pick up a handheld juicer for the 1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime juice ingredients as well as a small zester. My knuckle is not very happy with me after this morning’s lemon “zest”. Oh – and to really make my morning – I discovered chewed holes in a bag of beans from my cupboard – YUCK! So that’s how I spent my morning – removing all the stuff in the cupboard and cleaning it out. Now I need to get some containers to keep these items sealed and safe from critters. (which I hope don’t return)

You know how it goes – once you start “deep cleaning” like that then suddenly everything looks like it needs to be cleaned!!! So I cleaned out my fridge and prepped all my veggies – organizing everything into individual ziplock bags – ready to go! After that unplanned purge/clean – I feel much better!

My lunch today was interesting. I don’t remember ever eating sardines so when I opened the tin …. yep, there were nice little fishies without heads …. but they still had their fins …. and other stuff. Hmmmm, I still followed the recipe “Watercress with Sardines, Tarragon and Clementines” – turned out pretty good and tasted great (as long as I didn’t look at the little fishies). So another note to myself: yes, you can and are suppose to eat the entire little sardine!!


I now have containers for all my dried goods in the cupboard! My chickpeas are soaked and ready to perform in the morning 😉 Overall I feel really good about today! This whole pre-planning is going to take a little getting used to – just like chopping all the fruits and veggies – but after a week – it’s starting to feel like a “habit” or routine. In a good way! I used to always think that I just didn’t have the time to make all these meals from scratch …. that popping something in the microwave was much faster and easier. I’m changing my mind – sure it takes a little bit more time – but the difference in how I’m feeling MORE than makes up for the extra hour or two needed to prep and cook fresh! I don’t feel sluggish anymore – I’m feeling more energetic and consistent – like I can actually accomplish something … and I love doing a million different things!

Well, off to bed for me … good night all!


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