Day 7 and end of Week 1 Detox Whole Living 2012

Hard to believe it’s been 7 days already! Today as I sit here planning for week 2 and think back on week 1 – my stomach growled …. guess it’s ready for some “meatier” meals!

So week 1 in a nutshell: started off rough with the headache and fatigue BUT not as bad as I imagined before starting! I only experienced some very mild anxiety (even drove to Toledo one night) and very slight depression. That’s pretty good for only a week! I didn’t have any “extra” help for sleeping at night – no wine, no melatonin – just a cup of herbal tea and I slept pretty good! Didn’t take even 1 Vitamin D3 the entire week and was great! I also noticed I was breathing a little easier too! If you are someone that needs medicine for anxiety or depression – please don’t start this detox unless you speak with your doctor first! I only have mild anxiety/depression and have never been on medication so this detox works for me!

Today, the last day of week 1, I am hungry! It’s actually the first time my stomach has growled all week! Weird! But soon, very soon – I get some great new foods such as beans, tofu, fish and some new spices! Looking forward to it! Now it’s time to make some lunch and then head out for week 2 ingredients!!!


Wow, it was really hard being in the grocery store today …. I have been hungry all day …. still not the extreme hunger I felt before but still … hungry …. and – ok – a bit grumpy! Part of it was knowing what I get to eat this next week … I look forward to the morning and my breakfast soup! Ha – that’s so odd! My dinner is cooking right now – well, at least the first step – roasted beets & roasted garlic to go into my soup! “Roasted Garlic and Beet Soup”.

I had my first date ever! It’s really sweet and moist – yummy! I found some dried apricots today that weren’t sweetened with sugar!!! Yeah – so I have some dried fruit I can snack on!


Dinner was really good! Jon even had a bowl of it! Very flavorful and filling. So I am officially done with week 1! It went fast and I’m looking forward to tomorrow! Forgot to mention how pretty my soup was – a very deep purple! Reminded me of a really creamy tomato soup! I will definitely make it again when I can add some boiled eggs and maybe some fresh baked bread! Yum!

Well that’s it for now – I’m off to relax ….

Good night!


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