Day 6 Whole Living Detox 2012

For some reason yesterday I was just not hungry. I had my morning juice but then didn’t eat again until around 5pm. I have never really been “hungry” on this detox …. it’s actually all really good food! I was wondering how this morning would go for me – since it’s Saturday, my daughter and I hang out at our favorite coffee shop while my son is in ballet class. Well, I did good! I had a hot water and did just fine!

It’s time already to be preparing for Week 2!!! I’m excited because fish is on the menu! I love fish! It’ll be fun to explore new recipes with salmon and whatever else there is. Not so sure about Tofu …. I tried it ages ago but most likely didn’t prepare it right! This time around will hopefully be different!

Overall I feel more calm and definitely more focused! My mind isn’t wandering all over the place like usual! It’s been great!


I ended up making avocado salads for everyone tonight for dinner! So only one more day left for week 1 and I’m on to week 2! Another thing I’ve noticed this week is the flavor of the foods I’ve been eating. Minus the mishaps I had with salt and smoothies, the food was really good – full of flavor. As I prepared everything – the smells of all the fresh whole food was soothing – if that makes any sense! It was part of the experience. I think given most people’s super busy lives – this moment of preparing the food could still be enjoyed and maybe put in containers or precooked …. I’m thankful that I’m able to have that time to just prepare and enjoy each meal … I feel like I’ve been missing out on something. I look forward to next week and shopping tomorrow for my ingredients!


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