Day 5 Whole Living Detox 2012

Eh …. woke up reluctantly …. last night I was buzzing with energy – probably talking a mile per minute and now …. eh. Not feeling great but could just be from my long week. As I sit here with my hot water/lemon drink, I’m thinking of what my breakfast drink will be … I think the Beet/Apple juice again. At this point in the morning, I don’t really care what I’m having for lunch – I just want to warm up and get moving! …. I guess you could say I’m also a tad bit on the grumpy side too! Hopefully it all passes and the day improves! After all, there is no ballet or rehearsal today so essentially a day home! That’s always a nice thing 😉


Not hungry – so didn’t have lunch – just feel drained right now. I don’t attribute it to the detox – I believe it’s from running around all week to meetings, classes, and rehearsals! Since today is a day off – I’m not doing much! I had my breakfast juice of Beet/Apple with Mint …. it was good! Jacob requested the Butternut Squash Soup … so I think I’ll make that later! (Jon said it reminded him of Christmas cookies! …. weird – especially since he doesn’t eat cookies!)

I will have to go out this w/e to pick up Week 2’s ingredients …. can’t believe it’s already to the end of the first week! Sure went fast!


Very tired and ready to head to bed- had my soup – made me feel a little better – plus watched Jacob play Zelda for awhile! Hoping to feel better tomorrow. Good night …


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