Day 3 of Whole Living Detox 2012

Day 3 finds me without a headache (finally) but very, very sore legs …. for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why my legs and lower back were so sore! Figured it out this morning as I stood chopping and prepping stuff for my juice! Aha!!! How pathetic am I? I am sore from chopping fruit and vegetables! I suppose next on my goal list is to get back on track workout wise! Or I could just keep chopping more and more ….. maybe not.

Soooooo …. I tried the dreaded Green Machine again this morning – only THIS time I juiced the greens first!!! O-mi-GOSH – what a difference! Much, much better. It stills reminds me of grass but at least now I don’t feel like a horse chomping on my lawn. So overall getting the hang of this …. going to have to repeat some recipes come Thursday but that’s ok – I have a few I really like … and I’d like to take a crack at the one I destroyed the first night with too much salt!

So I’m off to prepare my lunch: Sweet Potato, Celery and Apple Salad. I’ll let you know how it goes when I’m home tonight from meetings and rehearsal!


My lunch was also my dinner and very good! It wasn’t as hard to be around sweets and snacks (at my meeting) as I thought it would be ….

Still sore as heck but who knew? lol …. should be stretching before preparing meals!! Anyways – another day down and looking forward to tomorrow!


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