Day 2 Whole Living Detox 2012

Went to bed with a headache and woke up with one! Now that I’m up and moving around … the pain is easing up – weird. I think it’s too soon to notice anything super different – but I had one heck of a dream!!!

A couple of notes mainly to myself: when using Coarse Sea Salt to “season” the food …. use about 80% less than yesterday!!! Holy cow I think I drowned my dinner in salt last night …. and I was hungry and I was running late for rehearsal … so I crunched through it – tasted horrible in spots of high concentration. I’m surprised I’m not 20% bigger just from the salt intake.

When trying to blend together dried fruit for the fruit snack – just skip and chop – then mush together by hand! Cleaning my mixer afterwards was not fun – at places the fruit was basically glued on. Mushing works and my hands are much easier to clean afterwards … besides you can mush extra hard if feeling a bit grumpy!

I thought I would be craving my coffee but not so much – drinking my hot water with lemon again this morning – only this time I used a fresh lemon and not from the concentrate bottle – MUCH better! My system handled all the foods well … only that 5 minutes in the morning after my juice – such a nice change from my usual when I eat food. No cramping, bloating, aching or big “rocks” sitting in my gut! And I also noticed I didn’t get crazy hungry and shaky at any time during the day – usually I’m on the verge of fainting (or so it feels) and grab for anything.


While at rehearsal I suddenly realized my head didn’t hurt anymore! Yay!!! Now – today started off pretty good until I decided to try the “smoothie” version of a juice recipe. YUCK!!!! Either I did something horribly wrong or this smoothie sucks! I’m going to try again tomorrow morning but the juiced version instead! So no more Green Machine Smoothies for me! It was like …. like … trying to drink a glass of finely chopped grass. Now – to be fair – the taste was not bad – it had pineapple and mango in it — it was the texture! So after that disaster (which I faithfully drank a full glass of) I was determined not to ruin my lunch. Well, I made an avocado salad that was DELISH!!! Avocado with Bell Pepper and Tomato. Then my last meal was a salad: Kale Slaw with Red Cabbage and Carrots – pretty good – I especially like the dressing.

I must say that I do feel better even after just two days of this detox (especially now that my head has stopped hurting). Until tomorrow – good night!


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