The Backstage Life

My latest endeavor involves the community theatre. We are currently producing “Oklahoma!” at the Evergreen Playhouse in Centralia, WA. Over the last three musicals, I always hear concern over the small space and producing “large” musicals. After opening, I have heard amazement and enjoyment over these wonderful productions. So far I have had the privilege of being involved with “Guys & Dolls”, “My Fair Lady” and now “Oklahoma!”.

I am the stage manager for this one – so I sit back stage and maintain a quiet chaos! Although I love watching from the audience, this backstage view is my favorite – even with a teeny tiny black and white monitor. Why? The show for me extends beyond the stage. I get to see the rush of adrenaline and pure joy from the actors when the audience reacts to all their hard work! The rushing about of costume changes, the friendships among fellow actors, the quiet games and discussions while waiting to go on, the props and crew waiting in the wings for the next scene change … I love it all!

Stage life is the best! 


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