My Digital Studio

So I am waiting anxiously for my calendar order! As soon as I read that SU! was offering a digital software package … I just had to have it! So far I really like it! And my kids love it  …. so it’s fairly easy to use once you find your way around the program. My favorite thing about it (and I’m still just starting with it) is the ability to create something with my digital pictures residing on my computer! Besides all the other really cool stuff like access to awesome images, punches, papers, embellishments, downloads and designer packages ….. I like seeing my pictures in some other format besides “preview” mode.

Since I’m working on certification for the program, I had to create and submit a project to be professionally printed. That is where the calendar came in. I couldn’t decide at first if I wanted to just do a card but once I got started playing with the software …. well, then it was hard to choose which project would be first! I haven’t looked at my pictures – I mean REALLY looked at them in a creative way ….until now – and I am bursting with excitement and ideas for other digital projects, hybrid projects and whatever else I can come up with!

Check out my store online for more information and get yours today at


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