Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking has caught my eye! I am brand new to the whole concept and it has been fun discovering all the new things I can do with it! Thanks to Corinne’s awesome blog – I discovered this cool new blog (to me) where I downloaded my first digital brush set!!!! Check it out!!!! They are having an awesome February Freebie every day!!! – my digi brush set was $1 by Melanie Moor: 7210.jpg

Ok, so here are my first digiscrap attempts:

This first picture is of my daughter – she just recently had her first haircut – 10 inches!!!! So this is a reminder of how long it was plus the “fairy wings”. She just LOVED this picture when I was done!!!!


This next one is of my son during Christmas. We were making paper star decorations. He wanted the black fairy wings but I am still too new at it to show them off on black background … he thought the pic was cool but wasn’t too sure about the “pretty” wings!


Lots of fun!!!! Go check out the freebies – it’s only through February! Happy Creating! -Melinda


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