Tree Skirt and Choir of Angels

Besides the Paper Arts – which for me right now includes stamping/scrapbooking – I love fabrics!!!! I don’t know if I mentioned that I am a dollmaker and prefer to work with cloth for my dolls. I added three fantastic dollmakers to my creative caffeine list: Michelle Munzone, Natalie Hamade and Patter from Patti (Culea). The picture today shows my tree skirt with my very own little felt mice and rag doll “Lou Lou” nestled on top. The skirt was fun to create using scraps of fabric cut into basic shapes and fused to the red felt. Once fused, I set my stitch to zigzag and outlined each shape. For the little trees, I hand stitched star toppers to each one with metallic gold floss. The entire skirt was then finished with a blanket stitch using cotton yarn (used for tatting lace) and a really big-eyed needle (like my technical terms? – ha! – my brain is trying to function without a cup of coffee …. ahhhh, the torture – I can hear it brewing ….) Ok then, back to what I was doing here ….

My next picture has all 12 clothespin angels I made for the tree gathered together to sing a carole for you! Can you hear them? Don’t they sound magnificent? 😉 And yes, later today I really should get to those vellum flowers! (I’m a beading fanatic too) I really need to get out into my studio …. I have new rubber to play with, christmas gifts to get finished ….. ok, off I go! Oh, wait! Here are the pictures:

festival-tree-doll_mice.jpg, festival-angel-choir.jpg


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