Details on Chipboard Ornaments

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, I finally have a moment to sit down and work on the instructions for my paper ornaments. I used On Board Trimmings as my base for all my paper ornaments. So here are close ups and hopefully clear instructions on how to create your own ornaments!

For all my ornaments, I sprayed adhesive onto the chipboard – one side at a time – and placed it down on the DS paper. After I smoothed down the paper to remove any wrinkles, I flipped the paper over and cut out the ornament with my craft knife. The thickness of the chipboard acted as my ruler/guide. Once cut out, sand the edges to remove ridges and sponge with Chocolate Chip. Repeat on other side. With the double-sided designer paper you have several options. Matching sides or opposites.

From that point, I used my Crop-A-Dile to place an eyelet at the top for the string. Each ornament has been embellished in a different way! For the square ornament (pic 1) I thought it would look nice to have vellum “suspended” over the floss. First wind the floss in a criss-cross pattern; take two punched out vellum squares and sandwich the floss with mini adhesive dots. The scalloped circle (pic 2) lends itself very well to metallic embroidery floss. Simply tape down the end at starting point and wind the floss around the circle in the grooves between the scallops. Once all the way around – tape down the end and cover with DS paper.The rest of the ornaments are embellished with vellum flowers, sequins and pearl beads. I’ll post step by step on the vellum flowers tomorrow! Happy Creating!

All products shown are from Stampin’ Up! except the sequins/pearls/embroidery floss.






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