Chipboard, Vellum & Paper Ornaments

Ok, I am in the midst of working on these ornaments. I had to take a break due to creative differences between myself and … well, myself! I’m not sure what I want to do to them next …. what sort of embellishment? Should I bling them all out! or be subtle … Aaarggh! At least I limited my colors to the DS Charbon & Cerise …. and my quilted tree skirt will look just lovely with them!

Ok, so anyone have any ideas? I would LOVE to hear them! My other big challenge is finishing my vellum ornaments! I’d like to string some beads in a tassel on the bottoms for some sparkle … hmmm… what do ya’ll think? Check out Renee’s Vellum Ornament Tutorial at Paper Pleasing Ideas. Thanks to her for the wonderful idea!!!! Very soon I am going to do the pointed star ornament – she has a wonderful video tutorial on that! Ok, enough chatter … here are my pics!:

This is where I’m at with my vellum ornament. I’m thinking of adding a few more strips to fill it out more. Can’t think of a top/bottom to give it more ooommmph!

This is where all the chaos started …

My thoughts here are leave open? insert an image? layer? use opposite colors? square or diamond?

These next two photos are my bigger ornaments. I covered both sides of them with the DS Paper so we can enjoy the wonderful patterns on both sides! Just trying to figure out their embellishment now…


This is my little tree! These chipboard snowflakes are the perfect size for a 4′ tree!

I love how some people list their supplies as “recipes” …. so I’m following suit: My “recipe” for my little tree is as follows:

Patience, patience, patience …. wish there was a store somewhere that sold it by the jar!!!

On Board Trimmings Chipboard – love this stuff!!!!
DS Paper: Charbon, Cerise
Retired Silver Cord
Chocolate Chip Ink for edging
Baroque Motifs with silver emboss technique on vellum (the card stock version)
Retired silver ribbon
My Crop-A-Dile
Silver eyelets
Spray Adhesive for applying the paper to chipboard

Hope everyone has a wonderful day – I will be moving to the next stage of completion on these ornaments … or maybe I’ll start on the tree skirt … to be continued …. -Melinda


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